A kayak in Aalborg Fjordland

Aalborg Fjordland seen from a kayak

Experience Aalborg Fjordland from the water and enjoy incredible nature.

Nibe and Halkær Broad is an excellent choice if you wish to go sea kayaking. Here you'll find protected and varied waters with lots of islets and small islands and a plentiful bird and animal life, which you can get close to when you slide through the water. Furthermore, the area offers great opportunities to experience ducks, geese, swans and seals. Remember to bring your fishing pole – maybe you'll catch a sea trout for your dinner while you row along.

On longer trips in a kayak

Along the Limfjord, a web of primitive places to stay overnight which you can row all the way into, are located – and of course that goes for Aalborg Fjordland as well. Here you'll find coastal areas to spend the night in Nørholm, Halkær and Staun, and in the middle of everything, Nibe Camping, where you can row directly onto the beach, is located. Feel free to use the facilities to take a shower, wash and dry your clothes, and take care of other need you may have. At the primitive places providing overnight accommodation in Nørholm and Halkær, shelters are located, and in Staun you'll find two tiny, red angler houses designed for overnight stay.

At several places along the broad, the water is shallow and with multiple smaller reefs, which means it is a good idea to bring a nautical chart along when you 'leave port'.

Where does the journey begin?

If you arrive in Aalborg Fjordland with a kayak on the top of your car and wish to either go on a day trip or let the area be the starting point for a longer trip, it is possible to park your car and get your kayak into the water at the marina in Nibe. Other places to get your kayak into the water are Staun Havn and Halkær Å (near the primitive place Halkær Voldsted which provides overnight accommodation). Remember to park in a way that does not disturb the residents and daily users of the area.

Bird life protection area

Nibe and Gjøl Broads are, because of their significant bird and animal life, appointed game reserves and EU bird life protection areas. To protect in particular the many birds of the area, it is not allowed to go ashore at the small islands and islets from April 1st to July 15th, just as well as yachting which includes motors or boards is prohibited several places.

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Public shelters

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Do some fishing

Lystfiskeri i Aalborg Fjordland

Do not miss out on the opportunity to have fish fresh from the sea for dinner. To fish from a kayak is becoming more and more common – either by pulling a line after the kayak while rowing or by angling while you sit in your kayak and let it float. You do not need much besides a pole and a lure, but angling can like everything else be refined with more advanced gear.
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Active holiday

If you dream of an active holiday, Aalborg Fjordland offers you plenty of opportunities. Here you'll find great angling conditions, fantastic golf courses, beautiful biking paths and plenty of other fun activities.