Activities in Aalborg Fjordland

Aalborg Fjordland - the bay area in and around the council of Aalborg, is a wonderland for the active people.

Find inspiration for good experiences and activities for your whole family in Aalborg Fjordland. 

Activity in Aalborg Fjordland

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Week 19
Friday the 8th of may: Sinne Eeg with Nordkraft Bigband
Place: Halkær Kro
Get ready for Sinne Eegs, whose jazz carreer has brought her all the way to the top - both internationally and in Denmark. 
Read more about the concert with Sinne Eeg...


Week 23
Friday 5th of june to sunday the 7th of june: Halkær Festival 2015 
Place: Halkær 
Halkær Festival is a musical festival with the locals, celts and the ecologists in the name of culture, independence and the environment. Read more about Halkaer Festival..


Week 27
Wednessday July 1st - saturday July 4th: Nibe Festival
Place: Skalskoven 
Get ready for the festival of the year!
Read more about Nibe Festival... 


Week 35
Saturday 29th: Aalborg Sea Kayak Race
Place: From Nibe to Aalborg
Test your condition and experience the Limfjord from sea kayak. Aalborg Sea Kayak Race starts off in Nibe and the finishline is in the habour of Aalborg - while it is bussing with music and people because of the city event, Aalborg i Rødt (Aalborg in Red). 
Read more about Aalborg Kayak Race...

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Guided tours and antique sales at Waar Manor

The first weekend of every month in the summer season from May 1 to October 1, you can go to Waar Manors  event, sale of antiques. Here you can find antiques in many shapes and sizeds, from glass, crystal decanters, porcelain, curiosities, rustic furniture, dining rooms to furniture. The antique shop is open the first weekend of every month, sat-sun from 10-16hrs).
Sunday at 14 the Manor also offers a historical tour of the manor house, cost 40 kr per person. Read more 

Nibe Guild participated in the Nordic Championship in herring - and won!

The guild attended a Herring Competition in Nyhavn Inn, February 14, 2015 and won the Nordic Championship in herring! The three participants Hans Heidemann Lassen, Henning Barmer Jensen and alderman Jens Ostergaard won with Nibe Kaaglaugs "Candlemas Herring".

Read more about Nibe Kaalaug and about the Nordic Championship in Herring in the local newspaper, Nibe Avis (it is in danish)

Here you can see the famous Nibe-herring, if you would like to taste it - you will have to take a trip to Nibe.

Nibe Kaalaugs kyndelmissesild

The happy winners...

Springtime in Aalborg Fjordland

Go fishing or go for a walk in the forest, there are many activities in the area around Nibe in the spring...

Nibe Museum

Nibe Museum

Learn more about the area and visit Nibe Museum..