Areas of outstanding natural beauty in Aalborg Fjordland

Aalborg Fjordland contains a highly varied nature, and there are plenty of opportunities to experience it. So pack a picnic basked and bring the rod, the binoculars, the hiking shoes, the bike, the mountain bike, the canoe or the kayak.

Experience the beautiful moor landscape

If you drive to Lundby, you will experience the moors of Himmerland, which reach far into Vesthimmerland Kommune (municipality). Moor landscapes used to be common in Jutland, but now there are only a few smaller areas left. A great location to experience this type of nature is at the moors of Himmerland. At the moors, there are plenty of interesting plants and animals to find. At the moors, there are also several old burial mounds and wheeltracks made by our ancestors, showing that people have inhabited the area for a long period of time. At the moors of Himmerland, you can follow the marked routes to get around in the fantastic landscape.

If you wish to know more about the moors of Himmerland, you can download the brouchure, ‘De Himmerlandske Heder’, which contains information about the area and a map of the moors.

Brochure: De Himmerlandske Heder 

Here you can read more about the moors of Himmerland

Wonderful nature at Halkjær river valley and Halkjær lake

At the bottom of Halkjær broad, Halkjær is located. At Halkjær, Halkjær stream flows into the fjord. The Halkjær area is full of exciting nature. For instance, there is a river valley created in the ice age. The marks and results of the ice age can be seen south of Halkjær Mølle (mill), where the ice, during its retraction, has created steps into the sides of the river valley. In the area, you will always find several kettle holes, which, today, constitute lakes placed over the actual waterlevel. Halkjær Sø (lake) is located in the bottom of the river valley, where Sønderup Å and Halkjær Å meet. For many years, the lake was drained and used for agricultural purposes, but was recreated in 2006, as a part of a large nature restoration project. There is a rich avifauna (bird life) at the lake, especially during the great bird migrations at springtime and autumn. You can observe the vivid bird life of the lake from either the covers or the tower situated at the lake. You can also visit Halkjær Mølle (mill) to see the exhibition about the lake and the history of the area.

Enjoy a beautiful, hilly nature reserve and learn about geology

If you want to know more about the geology of the area or simply enjoy a beautiful, hilly nature reserve, you should visit Vokslev Kalkgrav (limestone quarry) and Huul Mølle (mill). You can experience the newly restored mill lake or visit the old limeworks, where you can experience stratums of earth that are older than the human race itself.

You can find more information about Vokslev Kalkgrav and Huul Mølle in this brochure:

Brochure: Vokslev Kalkgrav and Huul Mølle 

You can also read more here: Vokslev Kalkgrav and Huul Mølle

Sankt Nikolai Hill – a unique view over the Limfjorden

If you want to experience a unique view over the Limfjord, you should visit Sebbersund and drive to Sankt Nikolai Bjerg. If you are lucky, you might see the migrating birds, such as geese, flying by, while you are watching the fjord. The Vikings used the hill as a lookout turret over the great trade centre situated beneath. Red more about Skt. Nikolai Hill..

The Limfjord is rich in fish and birds

The Limfjord has lended its name to Aalborg Fjordland, and it constitutes an important resource that we need to protect and take care of. The fjord is rich in fish and birds, which have always been important resources to the locals of the area. Visit the small fishing hamlet at Staun. Even though fishing is not a profitable profession here anymore, many anglers are still fishing here. Due to preservations of birds in certain areas, there is a broad and varied bird life in the area, especially during the bird migrations at springtime and autumn.

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Halkaer Mill Nature Centre

Halkaer Mølle Center

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Nature Centre Himmerland

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Skt. Nicolaj Bjerg at Sebbersund

Sunrise over Aalborg Fjordland

Enjoy the nature in Aalborg Fjordland

The nature in Aalborg Fjordland is magnificent and varied. Here you will find green forests, beautiful moorland and of course the Limfjord, which runs through the area.