On a bike in Aalborg Fjordland

When exploring and experiencing Aalborg Fjordland, your bike is your best friend. A number of marked cycling routes cut through the area, and at the same time the multiple tiny and twined roads of the area invite you to explore the area on your own. Here you’ll find a varied landscape and lots of opportunities with regard to experiences and accommodation - all within a relatively small area.

On a bike from Aalborg

Aalborg Fjordland is an excellent destination when going on a cycling trip from Aalborg. The area is perfect for a weekend trip with one or two overnight stays, but the area also offers you opportunities for great experiences for several days, and, furthermore, it is easy to continue the trip along the Limfjord path.

You can get into Nibe from two different cycling routes, which creates good chances of a varied trip. The national cycle path, the Limfjord path – regional cycling route 12 – stretches from the centre of Aalborg, along the Limfjord, passes by Nørholm and continues to Nibe. Bjergbanestien, on the other hand, follows the closed railway between Nibe and Godthåb/Svenstrup. From Svenstrup there is a cycle path for the last stretch to Aalborg. For the biggest part of Bjergbanestien, the path is car free, and for that reason the path is an excellent choice if you are on a trip with children. On the way to Nibe, making a short trip to Vokslev is a good idea. Here you'll find Vokslev Culture and Nature path and Huul Mill.

Around Halkær Broad

The trip around Halkær Broad is a real jewel. On the east side of the broad you'll be cycling on the closed Hvalpsund railway – regional cycle path 29 – to the village Halkær. In Halkær you can visit Halkær Mill Nature Centre and maybe even have a cup of coffee in Halkær Inn and Culture House.

In Halkær you can either continue south around Halkær Lake, where you'll pass by the free angling spot in Halkær Stream and a bird observation tower from which you can observe some of the many, many birds that live in and around the shallow lake.

You can also choose to turn around in Halkær and go back along the Halkær route (western part of the broad) – regional cycle path 30. An idyllic, little gravel road, through the woods of Halkær, with an amazing view of the broad.

At the outlet of the broad, the village Sebbersund, which has a cosy and historical village atmosphere, is located. Here, you'll find the opportunity to visit Sebber Vikings habitation and climb the Sct. Nikolajs "mountain" from which you can enjoy the magnificent view of the whole area.

The trip around Halkær broad is about 17 km long, and including the trip around Halkær lake, the trip is about 27 km long in total.

Climbers in Aalborg Fjordland

The ice age landscape in Aalborg Fjordland offers great opportunities for you to spice up a trip with flat stages on the closed railways with more challenging gradients. The area around Vokslev in particular has many long and steep drives, which are diligently used by road racers. Furthermore, the area around Bislev, Halkær and Ejdrup also offers opportunities for long uphill stretches and beautiful views.

At the website Denmark's greatest hills, you can plan your route, in order to make sure that you hit all of the great hills.

The Limfjord Route

The Limfjord Route stretches over about 610 km from Hals in the east and Thyborøn in the west. On the route, you will be met by marvelous and varying nature. The Limfjord area, as the biggest fjord area in Denmark, offers you lovely small islands, an abundance of small ferries, bridges, market villages, and not least a varied and exciting coast. Cycling maps for the route can be bought at the local tourist agencies.

The Halkær Route

The cycling route, the Halkær route, is established on the old tracks from the North Jutland railways. From Nibe to Havbro, the entire route, except the part from Aars towards Havbro, is an asphalted cycle path. The route around Halkær Ådal is especially beautiful.

The Vokslev Route

The Vokslev route is a round trip of about 70km that will take you by a number of geological localities. The route follows asphalted roads with light traffic and roads with separate cycle paths, but also along gravel roads in fields and the woods, and independent cycle paths.

The nature path Nibe-Hvalpsund

The nature path Nibe-Hvalpsund is an asphalted path for pedestrians and cyclists and with a graveled trail for horseback riders. If you follow the marked roads, which except for a few stretches, are all asphalted, you'll only find yourself on lightly trafficked roads through a lovely part of Western Himmerland.

The Vildsted Route

The Vilsted Route is 36 km long, goes from St. Ajstrup in the east, through Western Himmerland, to Rønbjerg in the west. The route will take you through a scenic landscape from Halkær Broad in the east to Vilsted Lake in the west. The whole area has a varying landscape which switches between woods, moor, fields and a nature, all marked by the Limfjord.

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Take a rest in a village

Cykeltur i Aalborg Fjordland

Across Aalborg Fjordland, small, cosy villages are located only few kilometres apart. Experience the lovely atmosphere and take a rest on one of the green common areas of the villages. Almost all of the villages have small play grounds and places where you can make a stop on your way, and at some places you can also put up your tent and spend the night.

Furthermore, you'll find grocery shops in Farstrup and St. Ajstrup.


Cykeltur i Aalborg Fjordland

If you visit Aalborg Fjordland on your bike, you'll find many different options for accommodation. The area offers you primitive areas for overnight stay, Nibe Camping and several Bed & Breakfast that are happy to take in cyclists.

Cycling trip in Aalborg Fjordland

Active holiday

If you dream of an active holiday, Aalborg Fjordland offers you plenty of opportunities. Here you'll find great angling conditions, fantastic golf courses, beautiful biking paths and plenty of other fun activities.