Go fishing in Aalborg Fjordland

If you like to angle, there is no shortage of opportunities for a fantastic angling experience in Aalborg Fjordland.

Dust off your fishing pole

Aalborg Fjordland has places ideal for angling – both in the fjord, in streams and in put'n'take lakes like Himmerlands Fiskepark  (fishing park)
Before you start fishing, it is important to buy a license; if you are between 18 and 65 years old, you must purchase a license before you go angling.

For more information and to buy a license, check out The Danish AgriFish Agency's website

Catch a sea trout or a garfish from the coast

You can angle from the coast many places along the Limfjord. For this purpose, Sebbersund, Klitgårdsfiskerlehe and Nørholm are all very good places. It is free to angle along the coast – just remember to buy your license.

Free fishing ground in Halkær Å (stream)

Near Halkær Mølle Naturcenter you will find a 1.4km long angling path from which you can angle as much as you would like in Halkær Å. Here, you can angle for, among others, the brown trout and the sea trout. Furthermore, the fishing ground is located with easily accessible parking facilities and the streamis  within easy reach as well in case you are walking-impaired or have children with you.

(Following links are in Danish - but please fell free to contact us for further information..)

Read more about the fishing ground and check out the map of the area

Read more about free fishing in Aalborg Municipality

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Himmerlands Fish Park

Himmerlands Fiskepark i Aalborg Fjordland

In Himmerlands Fiskepark & Camping, you can angle in scenic surroundings all year round. You can also rent your own lake for a day.

Read more about Himmerland Fiskepark

Sønderup Stream

Fiskeri i Aalborg Fjordland

You can buy a day pass to angle on the stretch of Sønderup Å (stream) just before it unites with Halkær Å. The day pass can be purchased in the supermarket, MinKøbmand, in Vegger. The address is: Aagade 32, 9240 Nibe.

Cycling trip in Aalborg Fjordland

Active holiday

If you dream of an active holiday, Aalborg Fjordland offers you plenty of opportunities. Here you'll find great angling conditions, fantastic golf courses, beautiful biking paths and plenty of other fun activities.