Nature experiences in Aalborg Fjordland

The nature in Aalborg Fjordland is magnificent and varied. Here you will find green forests, beautiful moorland and of course the Limfjord, which runs through the area. Go explore the area on your own or participate in a guided tour. There are plenty of opportunities for fantastic experiences.

Great and small nature experiences

Take a walk in the forest, go explore the moors of Himmerland or enjoy the fresh air at the fjord. Aalborg Fjordland offers magnificent nature experiences, regardless of what you prefer doing.

Exploring Aalborg Fjordland

Natural pearls in Aalborg Fjordland

Aalborg Fjordland is full of natural pearls, so if you love nature, there are plenty of great opportunities for fantastic nature experiences and lovely walks.

De Himmerlandske Heder

Explore the wilderness at the moors

De Himmerlandske Heder represent the Danish nature in its absolute best and purest form, with hiking routes through an outstanding natural area.

Nature experiences in Aalborg Fjordland

Nature experiences all year round

Regardless of which season you choose to visit Aalborg Fjordland, wonderful nature experiences are ensured.

Exploring Aalborg Fjordland

Spend a holiday exploring and enjoying the lovely nature of Aalborg Fjordland.

Here you can see a selection of the many exciting experiences and activities waiting for you.

Halkær Mølle Natur Centre at Nibe

Halkær Mølle Nature Centre

At Halkær Mølle Nature Centre, you can experience the past through craft, trade and handwork...

Kayak in Aalborg Fjordland

Aalborg Fjordland seen from a kayak

Aalborg Fjordland offers you great opportunities to go kayaking.

Nibe Fjordbad

Take a swim i Nibe Fjordbad (fjord bath)

Nibe Fjordbad (fjord bath) is for water lovers of all ages, all year round! South of Aalborg, you will find Nibe Yacht Harbour and Nibe Fjordbad, which is the first fjord bath of Northern Jutland.

Vokslev Kalkgrav (limestone quarry)

Vokslev Limestone Quarry and Huul Mølle

Explore the old limestone quarry. If you are lucky, you can find sea urchins, sea lilies, bryozoas or brachiopods.


On a fishing trip in Aalborg Fjordland

Fishing in Aalborg Fjordland

When you visit Aalborg Fjordland, you'll have great chances of catching a good fish – or maybe even two. The area offers you good fishing lakes and streams, and with the fjord just around the corner, you're never far from a great spot to fish from.

Cycling trip in Aalborg Fjordland

On a bike in Aalborg Fjordland

Go for a ride on one of the beautiful biking paths and enjoy the landscape.