Nature experiences all year round in Aalborg Fjordland

Regardless of which season you choose to visit Aalborg Fjordland, wonderful nature experiences are ensured. On this site, you will find inspiration for nature experiences all year round in Aalborg Fjordland.

Nature experiences in Aalborg Fjordland
Spring i Aalborg Fjordland


Every season has its own charme, and the spring in Aalborg Fjordland is no exception. The anemones burst into bloom in the forrest in Nibe, Skalskoven, the days become longer, brighter and you can almost smell the new season on its way.

Summer in Aalborg Fjordland


Summer in Denmark is exceptional, and that's why almost 80 percent of the danes spend their holiday in Denmark. 

Autumn in Aalborg Fjordland


In the Autumn the Danish scenery turns yellow and brown - but despite that we still have one of the most blue skies in Europe. 

Winter in Aalborg Fjordland


In the winter you can enjoy a hot coffee in one of the many coffee speicality shops in Aalborg and the bay area, or your can go out in the nature and look for animal tracks.