Nibe - the cosy market town

Nibe is a charming market town with an interesting past as a fishing village. Here, you can experience beautiful, old houses, cobble stone covered streets, cosy squares and one of the most famous music festivals in Denmark: The Nibe Festival, whose logo is inspired by an old mural from the town’s medieval church. Whether you prefer an active or relaxing holiday, or a holiday full of great music or complete silence, Nibe has something you will like.

Welcome to Nibe!

Welcome to Nibe

Enjoy the old borough city with small twisted streets and maritime atmosphere. 

Nibe is a small city with about 5.000 inhabitants, 20 km vest of Aalborg. Nibe is historically known all the way back to the 14th century, but was firmly placed on the country map in the 15th century with the growing inportance of herring catch.

Nibe - cosy borough city

Nibe - a seaport city

Borough charme with old houses, small twisted streets and cosy city squares. All in the beautiful city of Nibe.  

Nibe Festival

Nibe Festival

Nibe Festival, som også kaldes Den Lille Fede, afvikles i Skalskoven i Nibe, et af landets smukkeste festivalområder. Festivalen som også kaldes Den lille Fede byder i år på mere end 100 koncerter.

InfoCenter Nibe

Nibe Camping - Sølyst
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Nibe Guide 2014

Gallery Tinghuset i Nibe

Experience the artist's town

Nibe is an attractive location for artists. One of the reasons for this is its beautiful location near the water, the royal borough feeling and the short distance to Aalborg.  

Nibe Dyrskue

Visit Nibe

Find information about guided tours, concerts, shopping, golf and much more in Nibe and Aalborg Fjordland - the seaside in the Aalborg area...

Nibe Camping - Sølyst

Nibe Camping - Sølyst

Nibe Camping is located right by the Limfjord and close to both Nibe and Aalborg... 

Sebber Kloster Golf Club

Sebber Abbey Golf Club

In the beautiful scenery by Sebbersund you'll find Sebber Abbey Golf Club...

Restaurants in Nibe

Restaurants in Nibe

Find inspiration to gastronomical experiences in Nibe...

Historical Nibe

Nibe is an interesting city with many historical attractions, from beautiful old churces to an exciting Viking City, you'll have great chances of going back in time... 

Sebbersund Viking City in Nibe

Discovering the historie of the bay regions...

Nibe city and the bay regions offers exciting attractions - just from a Viking City to beautiful churches... 

Nibe Museum

Nibe Museum

Learn more about the area and visit Nibe Museum..

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