Nibe - old borough market town

Visit a danish city with historical borough charm, twisted streets right near the water - only 25 min. from Aalborg.

The city on the range of hills

The city of Nibe is build on old seabed close under those range of hills stretching from Nibe Forest, Skalskoven, to the other forest, Lundbækskoven, in the south. The streets Nørregade, Skomagergade and Søndergade, was the original count road leading you from Aalborg and all the way to Løgstør. The streets in Nibe are thus placed parallel with the fjord. Originally placed by the spots where the fishermen arranged their herring catches. This web of streets has later been connected with alleys and narrow passages.
Even though the city wasn’t granted a municipal charter until 1727, its history is traceable more than 600 years. Thus, in 1672 Nibe was the 16th largest city in Denmark, and the 8th largest in Jutland. In 1721 Nibe had 1600 inhabitants, today it has a population of about 4700.

Half-timbered house in flames
Many of the buildings in Nibe were half-timbered house with thatched roofs and were placed closely nearby each other. In 1765 a large fire destroyed 127 farms and house. In 1806, the catastrophic event occurred again. The two fires have had a great impact on the way the streets and house in Nibe are placed today.
You can still see many of the old beautiful houses, as one with gentle hand seeks to preserve.

Nibe and retail
In Nibe you’ll find grocery shops and speciality shops with a large range of items – for the whole family. The small streets and cobblestone city squares give shopping a special feel.  

Nibe – a popular newcomer’s city
Nibe is one of the most popular cities for newcomers. One of the reasons for this is its beautiful location near the water, the royal borough feeling and the short distance to Aalborg.  

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